How It All Started…

The Silicon Valley Cisco User Group (SVCUG) was founded by Luis Chanu and David Powers nearly 20 years ago, in the fall of 1998.  Luis and David each had a couple of Cisco routers, and were eager to learn more about networking.  But, as any networking engineer will tell you, you can’t do much with just two routers.  And, in those days, getting access to a “spare” router was just about impossible!

So, they decided to bring their networking equipment together on select weekends, where they could experiment, try out new routing protocols, etc.  As it turns out, there were many others that didn’t have equipment, who were also looking for a place to learn about networking as well.  Via “word of mouth”, others heard about what Luis and David were doing, and began to show up on the weekends at the warehouse where they met in Hayward, California.  Little by little, the attendance grew, and the Silicon Valley Cisco User Group was born.

As the number of attendees grew, Luis and David started looking for new places to meet.  As new members showed up, Luis and David began to make additional contacts, which quite literally “opened doors” to new meeting places.  After the warehouse, the group started to meet at Exodus Communications in Santa Clara, where the group was exposed to even more equipment.  Ultimately, they found someone at Cisco which would sponsor the group, and we started meeting at Cisco Systems, Inc., which is where we continue to meet to this date.

Having Cisco as our sponsor, the SVCUG has been able to grow not only as a group, but also in terms of what speakers, equipment, and support the group has access to.  So, to Cisco Systems, we say Thank You for your backing and support.

It’s been quite a journey, and there are numerous people to thank, as without their assistance and help, the group would not be what and where it is today.  Everyone from Luis Chanu and David Powers for starting the group, to Dan Segovia, Martin Winter, Chris Verges, Chris Donovan, Lorin Thompson, Akil Taylor, and Gary Sanders for their assistance over the years in keeping the group going.