Mailing List

The SVCUG Mailing List is a great way to stay connected between SVCUG meetings and a great place to post network related questions.  Anyone that’s been on the list for a while knows that this list is a great place to solve problems, seek lab partners, propose lab scenarios and share important network related information.  Additionally, new events are often always announced first on the Mailing List, so be sure to join!


  • Send Email Request To:

  • Subject Line:


  • Email Body:


You will received a confirmation e-mail once we’ve processed the request.  Once you’re on the list, you can send emails to the group at the following address:


  • Why does it take time to receive a confirmation to my add or remove?
    • The is a private and protected list for SVCUG members.  In order to maintain this integrity, users must be entered manually.
  • Will I get SPAM if I join the list?
    • The SVCUG mailing list is SPAM protected by MailGuard, and you will not receive mail from anyone not subscribed to the list.  Entry is controlled and the list is monitored.  Based on this, spamming can only be done by members.  If a member spams the list with non-SVCUG related messages, they will be warned to refrain from such activities.  If the spam persists, the spammer will be removed from the list.


    • Personal attacks are NOT TOLERATED.  We understand that some discussions can become heated due to various reasons. While this is not something we normally see on the SVCUG mailing list, it is still important to identify the SVCUG’s position on this matter.  Respect for everyone on the list is a condition for subscription.
  • DO
    • Do think carefully and re-read your email before clicking ‘send’
    • Do make sure the topic is related to networking or other SVCUG endeavors
    • Do be clear and brief (this increases the chances of getting an answer)
    • Do remember that this is a fun and friendly list, so make the best of it
  • DON’T
    • Do not be disrespectful
    • Do not flame, spam or forward chain letters
    • Do not send huge attachments.
      • Instead, consider uploading your file to a free online storage solution and provide us a link.
    • Do not attack anyone or anyone’s idea – HOWEVER, intellectual arguments are certainly welcome